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Ballistic Shield

Ballistic Shield

Ballistic shields are protection devices deployed by police and military forces that are designed to stop or deflect bullets fired at their carrier. Ballistic shields will also protect from less serious threats such as thrown items, though they are typically used in situations where riot shields would not offer adequate protection.
Handheld ballistic shields cover significant vital organs and unprotected bodily regions vulnerable to gunshots which remain unprotected by body armor against typical hand gun ammunition. Handheld shields are very effective in gun-fight scenarios where origins of shot remain untraceable, as it can cover the entire silhouette of the soldier simultaneously offering protection to multiple personnel exposed to the threat at the same time.

Handheld version is very effective in typical urban operations while establishing armored defensive ballistic covered position. Quite contrary to body armor shields, they do not transfer shock, trauma or pain to the user by the round absorbed by it which makes it quite a unique choice for soldiers.

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