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We are offering Diverse range of products and services

Taalitco has a reputation for quality acquired after having supplied military forces in Pakistan with Bulletproof Jacket, Tank Helmet, Crew Helmet, Crew Helmet, Rucksacks, Bags, Rope, Signal Items, Parachute and many more.

Our designs undergo rigorous testing and come with optional add-ons to customize a product based on client’s requirements. Capable of rising to any challenge, Taalitco can ensure that any force has the products developed/customized by us they need to perform even in the most trying of scenarios.

Quality is our commitment

Taalitco is a specialist building material supplier with an extensive range of building equipment and materials available to order. Whatever you need, we will make sure you have the right tools to construct your project from start to finish. As an independent supplier, we have the flexibility, reliability, and service to match. 

What we offer

Tahir and Alian Trading Company has been working with Pakistan Army for several years providing different products such as Land Force provisions, Air Force Provisions, etc.

Millitary Helmets

Defense Rope

Aerial Delivery Components



Aerial Delivery



Accessories for military troops

Military Binoculars

Taalitco supplies the highest quality Military Binoculars which have the optical instrument used as a calibrated point when the peripheral sight or mortar scope is used for indirect aiming and shooting. To improve shooting accuracy, It can replace remote calibration points (benchmarks and beacon lights, etc.) to implement indirect aiming and can be used conveniently in environments with rain, fog, snow, wind, sand, etc.

Foreign Principal

Nearly 15 years of innovation

We have specialized in the field of defense for many years. We have done research and development on the most demanding product lines in the military, aviation, and navy.
Our company’s objective has always been to provide military-grade products with top quality and safety standards. We continue to work with our trusted partners on a higher scale and to provide quality products and services to our clients.