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Defense Rope for heli Rappelling

Our Company ropes have earned an outstanding reputation for quality innovation for our defense around the world. This reputation is born out of pioneering designs that have been tried and tested in the world’s harshest environments and toughest combat zones. Our company is exclusively providing Fast Ropes from Marlow Ropes in Pakistan. Apart from these ropes we also provide other ropes like :


TAALITCO is the Exclusive Distributor of Marlow Ropes UK in Pakistan providing Marlow’s highest quality FRIES & FAST Ropes supplied to the Pakistan Army for several years. FRIES ropes are constructed in a way that they can be used for multiple purposes for rapid deployment and retrieval which helps to in limiting the risk to helicopters.

The extraordinary structure of Marlow Fast Ropes allows comfortable control throughout the descent and makes it convenient to slow down and brake. Oil and general spillages do not affect the speed or control during descent as the Marlow Fast Rope absorbs Liquid.

Climbing rope

Marlow’s unique “Black Marlow” abseil Ropes have been used and recognized by special forces all over the world. Marlow has a competitive variation of dynamic and semi-static ropes which have been exclusively designed for climbing and rappelling. These ropes are highly durable and tough which enables quality climbing. Marlow Ropes is globally recognized for its quality, performance, and innovation.