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Defense products

Defense Rope for heli Rappelling

Our Company ropes have earned an outstanding reputation for quality innovation for our defense around the world. This reputation is born out of pioneering designs that have been tried and tested in the world’s harshest environments and toughest combat zones. Our company is exclusively providing Fast Ropes from Marlow Ropes in Pakistan. Apart from these ropes we also provide other ropes like :

Climbing rope

Fast Rope For Heli

Provisions for land force

The products supplied to Pakistan Army land forces offer protection against any number of attacks, and it is capable of absorbing and dispelling large amounts of energy, which is what allows them to stop bullets. Products supplied in Pakistan are as mentioned:

Ballistic Vest

Ballistic Helmets

Tank Helmets

Ballistic Plates

Ballistic Shield

Provisions for air force

Our company is the sole distributor of Capewell Ariel System LLC in Pakistan. Capewell is a company that provides outstanding products for Aerial delivery, life support, and tactical gear for the military worldwide. We can provide various Ariel Delivery Components as mentioned below :

Parachute Hardware

Delivery Components

Tactical Bags

Tactical Gloves

Covid 19 Protective Products

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Covid-19 Thermometer

Face shield



Protection Suit

Face shield