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Tank Helmets

Tank Helmets

Tank Helmet is made of black fabric and has four shock-absorbing pads on top. When wearing this particular helmet, it is possible to adjust the fit of the helmet around the skull by means of a buckle in the upper part, and it is possible to attach Infrared goggles comes with a set of noise-damping polyurethane headphones incorporated in the helmet and a pair of laryngophones (throat microphones). The crew compartment of armoured vehicles is a place of loud, continuous noise, especially in combat situations and this noise can seriously harm the hearing of the crewmembers while at the same time prevent any form of audible conversation. The headphones, while dampening the loud outside noise, enabled conversation to pass from the tank’s communication network directly to the wearer’s ears.

The laryngophones in the helmet were a type of contact microphone that absorbs vibrations directly from the wearer’s throat by way of dual sensors worn against the neck. The sensors, called transducers, can pick up speech even in extremely noisy environments such as inside a moving tank. The pair of laryngophones are adjusted by a sliding clamp that tightens the leather supports to the wearer’s neck. The headphones and laryngophones are connected to the tank’s network by mean of a cable and metal, grey four-pin plug. This particular helmet is still in mint condition and never worn and all parts are still brand new.

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